Eye opening calculation

Started by avi1987 7 years ago1 replylatest reply 7 years ago244 views
I wrote a matlab code for RRC filtered #QPSK modulated signal. The eye diagram is plotted using object commscope.eyediagram. The analysis of the eye object gives...

Eye diagram

Started by avi1987 7 years ago2 replieslatest reply 7 years ago1107 views
I need to plot eye diagram for RRC filtered #QPSK modulated signal. The specifications are given as follows Sampling frequency : 1.024 MHz Symbol Rate : 256 Kbps...

CW Burst Signal Detection

Started by tarikkazaz 8 years ago5 replieslatest reply 8 years ago678 views
Hello Everyone,Currently I am working on interesting problem which is related to implementation of #QPSK receiver. I made several solutions. However, still I am...

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