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I am doing research in direction of sound. I have started with Cypress PSoC5LP devices but might need to migrate to more powerful TI DSP processors.

Re: An Online Mathematics Reference Book

Reply posted 10 months ago (08/28/2023)
I have two copies of "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics." Three inches thick, not counting the hard covers. I have the 44th edition and the 48th edition. Trigonometric...

Re: Should work but doesn't (and vice versa)

Reply posted 11 months ago (08/01/2023)
Your comment that "someone important" tells you "if it works, go with it, we're short of time" is what happens when no individual is accountable. Classic examples...

Re: Sigmoid function

Reply posted 1 year ago (02/08/2023)
It looks like you are trying to classify several things into categories. What problem are you trying to solve? This is usually an output function to show the probability...

Re: PySDR.org

Reply posted 2 years ago (10/19/2022)
Thanks, Dave. I'm definitely interested in this.Jerry Cogswell

Re: Clarity on Bit Reversal Sorting

Reply posted 2 years ago (06/08/2022)
What language are your using to write your algorithm?

Re: Covariance Matrix diagonal or not?

Reply posted 3 years ago (05/25/2021)
Omer, I believe you would have to take the absolute values of xx - mean(xx). We are interested in the distance either way from the mean. In my explanation above,...

Re: Covariance Matrix diagonal or not?

Reply posted 3 years ago (05/25/2021)
Correlation matrices show properties in rows and observations in the columns (or vice versa). For example you could have rows with names like "male" "female" "tall"...

Re: DDSP combines DSP with a Neural Network

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/08/2020)
GPUs and FPGAs consume maybe 7 Watts, not kilowatts. This research is important as we integrate audio processing with other forms of machine cognition.
Dear sgrassi, I used Corel Draw to make this diagram and it is embarrassingly simple, but it might help. As all readers here know, mathematicians regard this as...
Dear sgrassi, You thumbs up every post. But are you getting what you need for the task?Here look at the diagram attached. Also, consider the powers of i. Go through...
One good tutorial which deals with the Fourier Transform also gives a guide to complex numbers. https://betterexplained.com/articles/an-interactive-guide-to-the-fourier-transform/ ...

Re: MSc Digital Audio Engineering Project Idea

Reply posted 4 years ago (01/11/2020)
Here's a couple of dumb observer ideas:1) Which is a better approach to reverb; traditional DSP or Artificial Intelligence?2) In tiny spaces, what is the difference...

Re: Practical digital communications book

Reply posted 5 years ago (11/13/2019)
You might look at Programming FPGAs by Simon Monk.A general work on DSP is The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing By Steven W. Smith,...

Re: CMSIS DSP ARM Complex FFT output arrangement

Reply posted 5 years ago (09/04/2019)
Some algorithms go through the trouble of computing the bit reversals. My suggestion is to do this in advance for each of several FFT_SIZEs (256, 512, 1024, etc.)...

Re: Machine learning and detection in noise

Reply posted 5 years ago (06/29/2019)
The minimum processor would be a GPU (graphics processing unit) which is the most common device for Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning as it involves massive...

Re: Creating a real time map

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/29/2019)
What is your sampling rate for "real time?" Are you saying you want to divide each radius into bias voltages as low as 5V/16 (i.e., down to .3125V for the inner...

Re: New DSP FAQ Section - please suggest topics

Reply posted 7 years ago (10/28/2017)
Can Tensorflow or other Artificial Intelligence program obviate the need for FFT or any other DSP?
Dear Tom, You might look into getting an inexpensive Cypress PSoC5_LP development board such as the CY8KIT-059. Can't beat the price. Then use PSoC Creator software...

Re: Is there a fast algorithm about this type of FFT

Reply posted 7 years ago (08/15/2017)
Another reply besides my earlier: Do this on a GPU. You need massively parallel processing. Do this in Python, not C

Re: Is there a fast algorithm about this type of FFT

Reply posted 7 years ago (08/15/2017)
@zhaojintron I recommend reading "A Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing." There is are chapters on FFT and other transforms. You can read...

Re: Happy Pi Day

Reply posted 7 years ago (03/15/2017)
Good point.
On a LinkedIn article I saw this claim in an article by John Markoff on March 14, 2017:"On Tuesday, a group of computer security researchers at the University...

Re: Happy Pi Day

Reply posted 7 years ago (03/14/2017)

Re: Frequency multiplication in the digital domain

Reply posted 7 years ago (02/05/2017)
If I understand, the input is analog. Can you use analog filters to feed different frequency bands to several digital filters? A PSoC can feed multiple channels...

Re: Voice recognition using TMS

Reply posted 7 years ago (01/17/2017)
If you don't have access to MATLAB you might try looking at the waveform of the various words you need to recognize. You can get inexpensive software such as Sound...

Re: LTE power allocation

Reply posted 7 years ago (01/07/2017)
I would like all on this blog to stop using what I suspect are texting shortcuts. Some of us older people will not understand and will not respond to such. Specifically...

Re: 3D fft Matlab

Reply posted 8 years ago (12/14/2016)
Hmm, maybe for 3D you should consider moving to an AI platform such as Google's Open Source TensorFlow.

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