Sam Shearman (@SamShearman)

Senior technical marketing / engineering professional with experience in electrical engineering, test & measurement, software engineering, technical writing, marketing, and creative development. Specialties: Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Signal Analysis, Technical Trade Press Editing / Writing, Technical Marketing, Test & Measurement, Engineering Design, LabVIEW, C/C++, Python

Take Control of Noise with Spectral Averaging

Sam Shearman April 20, 20183 comments

Most engineers have seen the moment-to-moment fluctuations that are common with instantaneous measurements of a supposedly steady spectrum. You can see these fluctuations in magnitude and phase for each frequency bin of your spectrogram. Although major variations are certainly reason for concern, recall that we don’t live in an ideal, noise-free world. After verifying the integrity of your measurement setup by checking connections, sensors, wiring, and the like, you might conclude that the...

How precise is my measurement?

Sam Shearman March 28, 20183 comments

Some might argue that measurement is a blend of skepticism and faith. While time constraints might make you lean toward faith, some healthy engineering skepticism should bring you back to statistics. This article reviews some practical statistics that can help you satisfy one common question posed by skeptical engineers: “How precise is my measurement?” As we’ll see, by understanding how to answer it, you gain a degree of control over your measurement time.

An accurate, precise...

Re: LabVIEW for measurement-related signal processing

Reply posted 6 years ago (03/28/2018)
I'll confess to being a former employee of National Instruments, so I guess I have a bias. I agree, maintenance of code can be a challenge with LabVIEW. As with...
Keeping with the #OT music theme, I can't stop listening to the Fleet Foxes:
Check out my new blog, "LabVIEW DSP" dedicated to sharing insight regarding signal processing in National Instruments LabVIEW as it relates to measurement. My first...

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