LabVIEW for measurement-related signal processing

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Check out my new blog, "LabVIEW DSP" dedicated to sharing insight regarding signal processing in National Instruments LabVIEW as it relates to measurement. My first two posts cover accuracy / confidence intervals and spectral averaging. Enjoy!


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Reply by stephanebMarch 28, 2018

Hey Sam, nice blog!  Would you be interested in possibly having this blog hosted on the DSPRelated platform?  Contact me privately if you think this sounds like a good idea.

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Reply by jimelectrMarch 28, 2018

Yes, nicely done!  I do have some reservations about LabView, however.  At the last two companies I have worked for, Broadcom and Raytheon, people were trying to get away from LV in favor of Python, Perl, or Matlab.  The main reason was that maintenance of LabView code is uh, challenging, shall we say.  In fact, somebody online said LabView generates spaghetti code that actually looks like spaghetti!

Yes, I agree that it is very easy get going and control your lab instruments with it, but on down the line you may wish you hadn't.  We at Raytheon are stuggling with maintaining old LabView code.  It's not much fun to try to reconstruct what somebody was thinking way back when...

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Reply by SamShearmanMarch 28, 2018

I'll confess to being a former employee of National Instruments, so I guess I have a bias. I agree, maintenance of code can be a challenge with LabVIEW. As with any programming, well done code that's done right the first time and been commented / organized is easier to maintain. Perhaps because it is easy to get started and enable people who have less experience programming, LabVIEW can foster poor coding practices.