Attn Linux Users: Check out Gambas

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I wish I would have found this years ago.

If you like the way you could rapidly design and code in VB in Windows, you want to seriously check this out.  It is modelled after VB, but rather than trying to copy it, they are improving upon it.  And the improvements are significant.

Python is lacking a GUI, unfortunately Gambas is lacking a Numpy, so it may not meet all your needs.  The latter is a lot easier to rectify than the former.  They have really done a good job on the IDE.

From now on, the code samples in my blog articles are going to be in Gambas.  Hey, it tastes just like BASIC, only better.

Technical details:

The version in my distro (3.1.1) is way out of date.  The latest is 3.12.2

PPA: gambas-team/gambas3

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This is interesting.. By the way, there are a lot of tools for developing GUI for python, you may check these