DSK6711 Interface

Started by Henrry Andrian October 9, 2003
Hi, I have some question about Interface DSK6711 to PC. As I know
there are only two ways to interface DSK6711 to PC, One is LPT1
using EPP mode and the other is JTAG which could use XDS510 or

I have problem that I want to send image frame(640x480) from DSK6711
to PC. Currently, I am using the HPI via LPT1 to send one image
frame to PC. But the speed is very slow (500 Kbytes/one image frame
= 5-6 minutes). I have tried to solve the solution, I found that
this problem could be solve by using XDS560 via RTDX which speed is
2-3 MBytes hence could send image frame for real time maybe about 15
fps. But this XDS560 is too expensive, I tried to find a low cost
solution, cause my goal is not image acqusition, the image frame
that I send to PC is only for debugging.

Here is my question
Is there any possibility to send one image frame to PC more than 500
Kbytes by using EDMA. Cause I saw in the TI datasheet, the HPI could
use EDMA to transfer data. I mean that Is there any possibility to
improved the HPI speed by using EDMA.

I have another problem related to the DSK6711 interface. I couldnt
found Serial Communication (SCI) in DSK62xx/67xx family. Is it true
that DSK62xx/67xx SCI Port is not in use anymore ?

Thank you

Henrry Andrian