wiring one McBsp to one codec (AIC23)

Started by iewil2000 August 18, 2005
Dear list,

I am trying to make a circuit board with 2 codecs, I have two McBsps
available for this purpose. I studied the schematics of 6713 DSK,
Spectrum uses two McBsps for one AIC23, McBsp 1 for control interface
to set up the AIC23, McBsp 2 for audio interface for exchanging
digital audio.

My problem becomes how to connect one AIC23 to one McBsp. If I do it
this way, how can McBsp send out control signal to control interface
first and then exchanging bits with audio interface thereafter with
the same pins. I can think about using a buffer and a general I/O pin
to direct the traffic but I feel it too cumbersome. Or I can replace
AIC23 with PCM3006, which doesn't require setting up before use, but I
am afraid the audio performance of PCM3006 isn't as good as AIC23.

Thanks for your input.



i am not sure which codec has superior performance over the other.
Still, your idea should work,ie: directing the traffic to correct signal pins of the codec using either I/O lines or using a multiplexer.

Connect the input of the mux to dsp serial port and then connect one of the output to the control pins of the codec. The other output should go to data lines of the codec. Generate the control signals first in the mcbsp and then switch the mux,and then generate the proper serial port signals.

You need to take care of the timing requirements of both dsp and codec.