Almost 50,000 Members!

Stephane BoucherNovember 26, 20091 comment

I am very happy to announce that DSPRelated.com will reach the 50,000 registered members mark before the end of 2009. To celebrate this milestone, I will buy a BMW 5 to the 50,000th person to register (please make sure to confirm you email address to activate your registration).  Please read the fine prints after the picture.

I am just having fun here and it's not even April's fool day.  The 50,000th member won't get a BMW (I wish I could offer it!), but will instead get a copy of the excellent book Understanding Digital Signal Processing by Rick Lyons.  The lucky member will be announced in this blog.  Are you a member yet?  Register here.

Did anybody fall for this?

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Comment by nyaubfanDecember 12, 2009
I'm a brand new member and I must say THANK YOU! I am finishing up a second MS in data modeling with a course in DSP. I originally thought my "with distinction" classification was at stake, but then I found this site. THANK YOU!

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