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Stephane BoucherMarch 17, 20111 comment

As you may already know, there is a 'Papers and Theses' section on DSPRelated:

There are hundreds of DSP Related documents (articles, papers, theses, dissertations, etc) scattered all around the web, and the goal with this section is to find and list as many of those documents as possible in one place.

There are, at the moment, a little over 100 documents listed, which I believe is only a small subset of what is available out there, and I need your help to make the list more comprehensive.

Chances are you'd be able to find, in 5 minutes or less, an unlisted pdf document that is available somewhere on the Internet and of potential interest to the DSP community.

For every document submitted and approved, the submitter will be entered into a draw to win the book 'Digital Signal Processing 101' by Michael Parker.

The more documents you submit, the more chances you have at winning the book.

And if you happen to be very good at doing this, I might even consider hiring you to find and enter more documents into the database.

Please limit your searches to documents that were written in the last 10 year, unless you believe the document in question is still relevant.

I plan on doing the draw at the beginning of April - so if you read this invitation the day it is posted (03-17) that gives you about two weeks to participate.

To submit a document, please visit:


Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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Comment by karuindiaMay 13, 2011
Dear Stephen , This is website ( http://ethesis.nitrkl.ac.in/view/subjects/20.html ) has huge collection of Database of PhD ,Master Thesis . Please go through it .

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