Savitzky Golay Filter

Josef Hoffmann

The Savitzky-Golay filter is a mathematical smoothing filter that is often used in signal processing. It was first described in 1964 by Abraham Savitzky and Marcel Golay. The filter uses a polynomial regression over a series of values to find a smoothed value. One advantage of the Savitzky-Golay filter is that, unlike other smoothing filters, high-frequency components are not simply cut off, but are included in the calculation. As a result, the filter shows excellent properties with regard to the relative maxima, minima and scatter. In this article, the principle of the Savitzky Golay filter is explained and accompanied with MATLAB scripts. Two simple examples will be examined and provided with meaningful representations of the results to help understand these filters. The MATLAB function sgolay and its parameters are also explained and applied so that you can better understand this function and use it for your own applications.