Jerald Cogswell (@CarpetofStars)

Over 30 years as IT professional, 22 years in Hawaii. Retired in Montana doing research in Artificial Intelligence hearing. Expert in Fourier Transforms, proficient in FIR filters.

Re: New Email Notifications System

Reply posted 8 years ago (03/30/2016)
I accidentally hit the unsubscribe link in the latest email and saw that I got unsubscribed. I immediately went to the DSP Related link and hit subscribe. I hope...

Re: Overlap-Save Size for M-1 Points

Reply posted 8 years ago (03/22/2016)
I am adding this to my first reply of February 25. You did not say what you sample rate is but if you are dealing with audio frequencies you need a pretty powerful...
I believe your task of discerning your primary signal from noise and room reflections requires multiple microphones arranged in a beam forming array. Consider using...

Re: How to Convert IQ Signal to Real

Reply posted 8 years ago (02/25/2016)
I'm glad you figured it out. I recently read this post:http://www.electronicproducts.com/Computer_Periphe...I haven't actually tried it myself.

Re: Goertzel filter with decay?

Reply posted 8 years ago (02/25/2016)
Are we dealing with integers or floating variables? Shouldn't we drop the Least Significant Bit to avoid oscillation -- if you slide this algorithm over too many...

Re: Overlap-Save Size for M-1 Points

Reply posted 8 years ago (02/25/2016)
If you have a sample length L convolved with a 64-tap filter, the output is of length L + 64 - 1 and the overlap should be 63. But if you are trying to do this...

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