Basics of netwroking at work place , Not that Off dsp topic

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In various work places I see a variety of network set-up scenarios usually undocumented and impossible to Google. Apart from that I see people using PC/Server for compilations/Server for svn/PC in the lab and together with personal desktop PC, I can say at least 4 devices have to communicate at times with various file transfer techniques.

Tools commonly used are VNC, PuTTY, Filezilla, WinSCP, TeraTerm ...etc. and everyone assumes these tools are just basic knowledge and common sense  are they??Personally I never learnt what are the differences and why use such mosaic that changes from company to another.

I will be grateful to hear anyone shedding light on this corner..

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Reply by jbrowerJuly 16, 2018


You forgot MobaXterm and scp, but yeah that sounds about right.  I've used all of these at one time or another, they are effective and easy enough to learn thanks to competition and Google.  I think it's like editors -- people get used to one way or another, and they stick with that.  Preferences are all over the map so put enough people together and their tools show "variety and flexibility" (or "non-standardization and confusion", depending on your perspective).