Looking for Katja Vetter

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Does anyone know how I can contact DSP practitioner Katja Vetter? (I think she's from the Netherlands.) She is the author of the following web page:



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Reply by StenzMay 16, 2018

Did you try the email address which is in any of the .zip files she offers for download?

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Reply by Rick LyonsMay 16, 2018
Hi Stenz. No I didn't, until just now. When I downloaded two of the Slice//Jockey .zip files, all I had were files that I couldn't open on my Windows System 7 computer.

Stenz, were you able to find an e-mail address for Katja in one of those .zip files?  Thanks.

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Reply by stephanebMay 16, 2018

Hey Rick.  You can find her email address on the following page:


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Reply by Rick LyonsMay 16, 2018

Hi.  Ah, I see the address.  I'll use it to try to contact Ms. Vetter.  Thanks a lot Stephane!!