Currently at Embedded World

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I am currently at Embedded World in Germany (tomorrow is the last day) and with more than 1000 vendors, most relevant players in the industry are here this week.

I would love to hear your suggestions as to which vendor(s)/product(s) you guys think I should pay attention to and possibly do a video interview with them with the goal to share the interviews with the EmbeddedRelated community.

The holy grail would be suggestions of vendors /products who are not that well known yet but deserve to be because of the quality of the offering.  

Also, please check out the EmbeddedRelated Twitter account where I will try to post fun demos as I find them.  Yesterday, I posted one that I shot at the ARM booth of a Rubic Cube getting solved by a robot - if you like it, likes and retweets are appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Reply by adamt99March 1, 2018

I am on the Aristos stand if you want to swing by and say hello

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Reply by BVRameshMarch 1, 2018

There was a small group called embedded lab with address www.embeddedlab.com, who does a fast turn around of hardware design which I came across last year.

Please find out their participation and activities in conference and also their future plans.

Thanks & Regards,

BV Ramesh.

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Reply by kazMarch 1, 2018

Hi BV Ramesh,

just clicked on that website and it says website for sale.

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Reply by BVRameshMarch 1, 2018

I was surprised to know the information. I feel that small groups may not survive tough competition. 

Thanks for the information.

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Reply by s-lightMarch 1, 2018

you could check out what 8devices has to show 8devices (they have some nice router-hardware-based SOMs...)

and my favorite lcd things at Electronic Assembly
(i think EA is a good known one ;-) )

most interesting for me in the display part is if there are 'easy to get' small high density lcd/oled/e-paper things out there... ;-)