Embedded World Videos Now Online

Started by stephaneb 7 years ago206 views

Maybe you've seen my latest blog post?  Producing these videos has been very fun and I plan on doing many more in the future.  If you only have a couple of minutes, I suggest the 'General Highlights' video (1:52).  

Fun story; on my way to the show, on the flight between Frankfurt and Nuremberg, I started talking to the person sitting besides me - "are you going to Embedded World?" - turns out that the guy is the PR director of Cypress Semiconductors.  After the usual small talk, I told him about my plan to make highlights videos.  As he seemed intrigued, I offered to stop by his booth on the last day of the show to see if we could do something and he agreed enthusiastically.  It ended up being one of my two favourites video (the other one is the one I made for Texas Instruments). You can see the Cypress Semiconductors video here.  Make sure to watch in HD.

With the launch of the Youtube Channel (please consider subscribing), my mind is hard at work at finding new ideas for videos that members of the *related sites would enjoy and hopefully benefit from.  Suggestions are certainly welcomed!