Viva Ukraine!

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Reply by rrlagicMarch 1, 2022

Oh god!

Thank you so much for the word of support. You see the news, little I could add, besides that is true nightmare. 

This is a moment, when entire world divides into men of good will and evil.

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Reply by Mannai_MuraliMarch 1, 2022

US and its allies are symbol of evil.US acts as an international police man and what it did in Iraq,Afganistan,Syria,Vietnam every body knows.At least in Russia people protest for the actions of its own country.Americans are most selfish and they never protest  when US is arrogant and attacks other countries which have NO direct border and hence no dispute with US.No nation with self respect and power can tollerate NATO action of expanding and prolifrating its borders with missiles.Ukrine has done great blunder of trying to join NATO.

Hope Russia will teach some good  lesson to arrogant US this time.

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Reply by yloecherMarch 1, 2022

Pardon me folks, but is THIS "DSP Related"?

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Reply by Code_WarriorMarch 1, 2022

Вы их победите.

Не может этот червяк вечно в Кремле жить. Украинцы два народа освобождают, Украинский и Русский.

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Reply by fharrisMarch 1, 2022

The entire world recognizes the actions of an misguided megalomaniac and the majestic and appraisable response of the Ukrainian nation and citizenship.  

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Reply by cortegaMarch 1, 2022
I wish for the best to the Ukraine nation.
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Reply by RichardLHMarch 1, 2022
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Reply by omersayliMarch 1, 2022

I hope that Ukrainian people get through this invasion without much pain and loss

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Reply by xaqmusicMarch 1, 2022

We have had the privilege of working with some of the best DSP and audio application developers in the world from Ukraine.  Our hearts go out to all of those brave citizens in this unprecedented time.

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Reply by kazMarch 1, 2022

Sad whenever a stronger army attacks a weaker country, law of jungle. I hope it will be over soon for Ukrainian innocent victims. I remember the days Iraq was attacked by remote weapons and all Europe were glued to their TV for entertainment. Sad double standards.

We are all evil potentially but have our excuses ready. I welcomed Saddam's removal but the West had supported Saddam against Iran then lured him into kuwait and the resulting gulf war topped up the iran-iraq war victims from 2 millions to more than three million with total destruction of the nation. 

So don't tell me they are evil, we are not...it is apparently human nature so is our nature to lie.

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Reply by kazMarch 1, 2022

With my full sympathy to all innocent victims. Here is a summary of our double standards:

The BBC - “It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed” - Ukraine’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor, David Sakvarelidze

And this:

“This time, war is wrong because the people look like us and have Instagram and Netflix accounts. It is not in a poor, remote country anymore,” columnist Daniel Hannan, who is also a member of the UK Board of Trade, wrote in the British newspaper The Telegraph.

More of this. ‘Now the unthinkable has happened to them. This is not a developing third world nation. This is Europe.’