Free book: Software-Defined Radio for Engineers

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This pdf book is available on the Analog Devices site here.  I have not read it, but it appears to contain a reasonable mix of theory and practice.  The book was originally published in 2018.  A hardbound copy is also available for (cough) $150.

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Reply by MarcinsteinDecember 9, 2021


If anyone needs a good reading there is a neat list on GNU Radio website.




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Reply by neiroberDecember 9, 2021

Thanks Marcin!

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Reply by stephanebDecember 9, 2021

One of the authors, Travis Collins, gave a great talk on this topic at the latest DSP Online Conference:


There's also an online course on DSP for Software Radio, by Dan Boschen, that will be starting in early 2022:


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Reply by Robert WolfeDecember 9, 2021

Got it, thanks. 


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Reply by MichaelRWDecember 9, 2021

Nice.  Thank you.  I've been contemplating getting a SDR kit for a while.  This will definitely help me make a decision.

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Reply by paulob160December 9, 2021

Reads more like a survey of all the books in the reading lists with a few salient equations and a smattering of fairly innocuous Mathcad listings. I have quite a few of the books listed and pretty much any one of them are more useful than this one. Not sure who the target audience is : if you are, as they surmise, an engineer or researcher with a good grasp of DSP, comms, embedded software development skills et. seq. this book adds pretty well nothing to the game. If you are not then see the reply by Marcin and get stuck in there first. I would have expected a book titled "...for Engineers" to help with the mighty task of actually doing some engineering. Well, it is free and I am disappointed to regard it so negatively but it got me no closer to engineering solutions  for or based on SDR - even the chuckup for the Analog Devices Pluto SDR platform.

Never mind.