Good mm-wave, 5G, machine learning and radar books

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Do you know any good books, from your point of view, about mm-wave analog signal processing, modern 5G dsp programming and algorithms, fmcw radars dsp or machine learning ?

On the ML side I would be interested in a theoretical book which contains the mathematical models and equations, and a more practical book focused on algorithms, especially in Python.

Thank you in advance.

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Reply by chil1November 15, 2020

You listed a lot of topics. I would first suggest that you look at the website "scribd:. They have many books that would cover these topics. One I would suggest is

"PRACTICAL ARRAY PROCESSING" by Mark C. Sullivan. McGraw Hill, 2009.

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Reply by drmikeNovember 15, 2020

For microwaves, use the search on https://www.microwaves101.com for "books".  You'll get 700+ good ideas.