Problem downloading paper "Hardware vs. Soft Motion Control: Cost & Performance Compared​"

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Dear Sirs,

                 I've a problem while trying to download the paper "Hardware vs. Soft Motion Control: Cost & Performance Compared".

When I try to fill the fields of the form titled "Get the Detailed White Paper" the fields start blinking so I cannot complete the registration.


I've tried using several browsers but the result is the same

Have you got the same problem ?

Best regards

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Reply by stephanebOctober 24, 2016


did you fill the information in the right column on the Kingstar site?  They want you to give your info before they give you access to the paper.  It is called 'lead generation'  Companies will often do that for whitepapers so they can send you some extra information about a product by email.  Usually, they will either send you only one email or sometimes, you need to un-subscribe from their mailing list but most of the time, it is relatively easy and painless.


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Reply by dimaiosOctober 24, 2016


                I've filled all the required fields but they are blinking changing the focus continuously.

I've tried by using 3 different browsers but the problem is the same.

I've solved by downloading the paper from another site.

Thanks anyway.


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Reply by stephanebOctober 24, 2016


I will let the people at Kingstar know about the problem.  Thanks for reporting this.