DSP Online Conference gaining momentum - Zoom Meeting Info

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Good morning!

The idea of a DSP Online Conference is gaining momentum and I am excited.

Please join me at 11AM EDT this morning (07/02) for a Zoom brainstorming session where you'll be invited to share your ideas about what would make the event as interesting as possible to you:


If you decide to join and have a webcam, please consider turning it on. I find that such meetings are much more interesting when I see people. 

In the hope to see you there in less than an hour!


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Reply by stephanebJuly 2, 2020

The meeting is now over.  Thanks to all of you who attended, this was fun and useful.

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Reply by enahmadJuly 2, 2020

I am happy that the meeting was fun and useful; however, I agree with what Jeff mentioned: please give (much) more advance warning. I believe that most of us have other activities and it is sometimes not easy to check emails continuously. I for one have just seen the announcement for the meeting, and that the meeting is over.

Looking forward to joining next time,


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Reply by jbrowerJuly 2, 2020


Can you give more advance warning in the future ? This came in while I was another conf call and I couldn't get off in time. These days people may have several calls in one day so advance warning is useful.