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So, listening to Science Friday on OPB, a segment about using muons to image the innards of pyramids.

But, they're saying "moo-on", and "moo-ography" (http://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/pyramid-remodeling-the-neighborhood-behavior-of-sperm-whales-and-neanderthal-sex/).  (I have never heard a native English speaker, from any of the various spots that English is natively spoken, call them "moo-ons".  They're "mew-ons", by damn!)

Which is all making me wonder -- how good of an image could you build up if you mic'd a vocal cow, and had an array of microphones elsewhere to capture the reflections, refractions, or whatever else you might want to capture.  A cow in the right mood makes a pretty good low-frequency chirp -- it seems like this would be right up there with modern SONAR practice, except maybe for the frequency range and the fertilizer.

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Reply by drmikeOctober 21, 2016

As a once upon a time high energy physicist and now radar cowboy I am having a very hard time typing because I'm laughing so hard.  There are a lot of cats in a barn, so mew-ons are definitely the particle of choice!  The cats don't like moving at high speed though, so bouncing them off cows might be difficult (mew-ons are used for imaging!)

Keeping the muck off the microphone would be a really hard task.  Unless you use a drone and stay far enough above it all.  

That's pretty funny though.