audio timing using SIO on DM642

Started by ravi...@yahoo.com August 19, 2007
Hello everyone,
I am trying to get 1024 samples per frame from my SIO_reclaim(). The aic23 is set to 48KHz sampling rate. So shouldn't there should be a full buffer every 21.3 msec?
But when I try to find the time using CLK_gethtime(), I get a buffer every 24 msec. Tried it with 32 KHz sampling too. Again instead of getting a full buffer every 32 msec, I get it every 24 msec.

Can somebody tell me what might be wrong in this setup?

Timeout for the SIO_reclaim is SYS_FOREVER. The CLK_gethtime() is called after the SIO_reclaim(). There is another video task running.