Re: XDS560 PCI emulator; memory error

Started by Michael Dunn November 21, 2009

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> Hello,
> i have also checked all other tests, but not a single test was completed.
> it looks like "halt" and then gives report "this test took long
> time, terminate it."

1. You definitely have a hardware problem.
2. When the hardware does not work correctly, it is possible that the error
is misleading.
3. Did you try running the tests by checking 1 test at a time??
4. *If* you want to troubleshoot the board and *if* the board is a TI XDS
560 emulator clone, you can debug it as a target board using a working
emulator. If you have the hardware skill and choose to do this, you can use
the following steps:
A. Locate a filter capacitor on the 5v board power. To do this you will
need to put the board in the end PCI slot [or use a PCI extender board if
you have one]. I will reference board locations from the component side of
the board with the PCI connector facing down. To the right side of the PCI
connector is one or more electrolytic caps. With the PC powered up, identify
the +5v and ground ends of the filter cap.
B. Remove power and take the board out of the PC. It will remain on the
bench for testing. Attach a wire to the +5v and ground leads of the
C. Locate the holes and mounting pads for a 14 pin "emulator connector"
[actually only 13 pins are used] near the top right of the board. Insert a
14 pin header on the component side of the board and solder it.
D. Attach the emulator cable to the 14 pin header.
E. Attach a +5v power supply to the 2 wires.
F. Bring up CCS and try to write/read from a few memory locations beginning
at 0x80000000 [internal data memory] Does it work??
G. Try to write then read from a few memory locations beginning at 0
[internal program memory]. Does it work??


> regards
> A.K.Qureshi
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>> Hello All,
>> while using my XDS560 PCI emulator (by seed), my code composer got halted.
>> Now emulator is not responding as expected. i tried to diagnose it using
>> "XDS560 Diagnostics" but it give following error.
>> ********** Test XDS560 memory **********
>> INFO 1 XDS560 adapter boards detected
>> [adapter 0] Memory access tests on IPM
>> [adapter 0] Memory access tests on IDM
>> ERROR [adapter 0] Write memory failed on first section
>> starting_offset = 00000000, dword length = 32ioctl error = 31
>> (0x1F)
>> ioctl meaning = A device attached to the system is not functioning.
>> i have another same PCI emulator i diagnose that and got this
>> ********** Test XDS560 memory **********
>> INFO 1 XDS560 adapter boards detected
>> [adapter 0] Memory access tests on IPM
>> [adapter 0] Memory access tests on IDM
>> [adapter 0] Memory access tests on CE0
>> [adapter 0] Memory access tests on CE2
>> Specified tests completed!
> Your XDS560 is reporting an internal data memory [internal to the DSP]
> error.
> 1. Deselect the memory test and rerun the diagnostics. See if any other
> errors are reported.
> 2. The fact that the memory access tests on the IPM [Internal Program
> Memory] seem to indicate that the DSP and the PCI bus are working properly.
> The IDM failure seems to indicate that the DSP internal data memory has
> failed. If all diagnostics pass when memory test is excluded, I would feel
> pretty confident that the 6202 DSP is bad.
> Note:
> If the XDS560 PCI emulator is a clone of the TI XDS560 PCI emulator, the
> DSP is a TMS320C6202. If the emulator has been redesigned, a different
> c620x device might be used.
> mikedunn
>> i want to know can this error be removed...?
>> is there any hardware reset on the emulator that can help...?
>> error image is also attached. waiting for your quick response...
>> thanks.
>> Regards
>> A.K.Qureshi
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