New Discussion Group: DSP & FPGA

Stephane BoucherSeptember 11, 20078 comments

I have just created a new discussion group for engineers implementing DSP functions on FPGAs. The creation of this group has been on my todo list for a long time. If you want to join the group, send a blank email to: fpgadsp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

As usual, it should take a few weeks before there are enough members for interesting discussions to get started.

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Comment by johnnyyy-be-goodDecember 26, 2007
zuuuuuper five stars
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Comment by kashif99048February 21, 2008
we'll love to have that
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Comment by ackocNovember 23, 2009
Hi guys, I'm am new to this site and don't know exactly where to ask what, so may be you can help me or direct me, I recently purchased a TI DSP C2000 TMS320LF2407 F2407 Development Board, I am using CCS 3.3 , i have connected it to the serial port and to the USB port in order to power it up. when i turn on the CCS i get an error saying :Error initializing emulator I/O Port = 240 Board Name: F2407 XDS510 Emulator what did i do wrong ??
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Comment by stephanebNovember 23, 2009
Ackoc, try this group: http://www.dsprelated.com/groups/code-comp/1.php
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Comment by nitindeeFebruary 15, 2010
As I am a begineer in DSP. I have purchased TMS320F28335 kit. I made a simple model in MATLAB-SIMULINK. That is simple arithmetic processing blocks connected in that. Now I want to generate it c-code which can be further dumped on this kit. I want to know that what are the basic steps of generating code. Should we include some DSP kit from TI library in simulink model. Pl help me in this regard. Thank in advance.
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Comment by raogApril 20, 2010
As beginner, I just want to ask one simple problem. How to check .bss and .ebss etc variants location? Sometimes running lost the normal routing --- memories overflow or running stopped.(my HW/TMS320F2812).
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Comment by pinkkSeptember 11, 2010
hi everyone, i am implementing DOA Algorithms in matlab,can any one please tell me if i can convert matlab code onto dsp C-code and how ? thanks
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Comment by siddhu.venkatSeptember 16, 2010
hi everyone,, could any one assist me in this concept... "how to implement floating point arthematic on fixed point machine"?

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