DSPRelated Finally on Twitter!

Stephane BoucherFebruary 20, 20132 comments


It's been a while since you've heard from me - and there are many reasons why:

1 - I've made a clown of myself (video here)

2 - I've been working on unifying the user management system.  You can now participate to the three related sites (DSPRelated, FPGARelated and EmbeddedRelated) with only one account (same login info). 

3- I've been working on getting up to speed with social networks and especially Twitter.   I have resisted the idea for a while - at 40 years old, it seems like I resist change more than I used to.  But I think I will enjoy the Twitter thing - it seems to be really powerful.  

Speaking of Twitter, if you are one of the current gazillion or so users, may I invite you to follow one or more of the related feeds?:




To encourage you to do so, I will try something.  Once in a while, I will tweet a link where the x first persons to visit the tweeted link will earn a certain reward.  It might be books, gift certificates or even Paypal payments.  So if you happen to be reading your tweets at the moment a reward link is tweeted, you will stand a good chance to win the reward.  

Thank you!

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Comment by cfeltonFebruary 20, 2013
You might also want to start proliferating the hashtag #dsprelated. There are no good hash tags on twitter for signal processing and DSP (both #signal and #dsp overlap with other things). The hash tags are a good way to filter and "follow" overlapping content, the #fpga hash tag is useful.
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Comment by stephanebFebruary 20, 2013
Thanks Chris for the tip. I just looked up what hashtags are and will definitely use them in the future.

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