New Code Sharing Section & Reward Program for Contributors!

Stephane BoucherOctober 15, 201012 comments

UPDATE (11/02/2010): The code section is now live.

UPDATE 2 (01/31/2011): The reward program has changed.  A flat fee of $20 per code snippet submitted will now be paid.  


I am very happy to finally announce the imminent launch of the new code sharing section.  My vision for this new section is a rich library of high quality code snippets for the DSP community, from processor specific functions to Matlab or Scilab routines, from the simplest filter implementation to the most complex DSP algorithm.

Before I officially launch this new section though, I need to find some DSP experts who would be interested in contributing to the database and help me populate it with an initial set of snippets.

If you think you have something to contribute that would benefit the DSP community, please click here to apply to become a contributor.

Now, to attract as many talented contributors as possible and to make the launch a little more interesting, I will draw down from my line of credit, skip a meal or two, and sell my kids’ favorite toys (ok, maybe not the toys) to create a reward program based on unique pageviews.  

Basically, any code snippet submitted by a contributor will generate rewards for the contributor when the number of unique pageviews reaches the following milestones:

- $50 when the piece of code reaches 5,000 unique pageviews
- an additional $200 when the piece of code reaches 25,000 unique pageviews

In other words, any code snippet submitted has the potential to generate up to $250 in rewards to the contributor.  The pace at which the milestones will be reached will depend on many variables, like for instance how popular the code sharing section will be and the individual popularity of the code snippets.  

A counter will be included with every code snippet submitted, allowing the contributing member to track down how many unique visitors have viewed the piece of code (unique pageviews) and how close the code snippet is from reaching the milestones (and the rewards).  

I am in unknown territory here - it is the first time that I am offering such a reward program to stimulate the participation of members.  If this approach is successful, I plan on replicating it with the launch of future sections.

If you have any question, please use the comment system down bellow to ask it.


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Comment by leoeltipoOctober 19, 2010
It's a great idea. The only thing I hope not to happen is having hundreds of thousands of copy-pasted articles just to get the rewards... I know it's hard my thought, but I wanted to make the comment
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Comment by stephanebOctober 19, 2010
to leoeltipo: no worries, the submitted snippets will be monitored to make sure that this doesn't happen..
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Comment by Want2LearnOctober 19, 2010
Where is it the link to this resource?
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Comment by stephanebOctober 19, 2010
to Want2Learn: The section is not published yet - but will be very soon. Watch for the announcement. For the moment, I am approving contributors and as soon as there are a few snippets in the database, the section will be officially launched.
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Comment by fpgaplayerOctober 21, 2010
Great idea,as a engineer love DSP,I think just free is all ok.And then, I most desired is the code will be improved by the original author and others as time goes on.
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Comment by aniketvartakNovember 2, 2010
Another suggestion is to add a section for ability to request a particular code snippet that someone is looking for. This may be already thought of, and may be already implemented ??
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Comment by stephanebNovember 2, 2010
aniketvartak, this is a good idea and I'll put it on my todo list. Thanks!
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Comment by cfberghNovember 3, 2010
I'm very happy to see this idea come to fruition, and the concept of a cash reward is bold. I hope both succeed. I wanted to second the request for a "wanted" list. There's a lot jewels buried in my toolbox -- someone asking for one motivates me more than anything.
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Comment by yogi7011March 20, 2011
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Comment by chandrasekharpandaJuly 21, 2011
hi i would like to share a c code on white spot removal in a image using dct,how could i do that.....
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Comment by superhotmuffinOctober 27, 2012
Hi, my name is Michael, I found DSPRelated very helpful and wanted to join and post some of my successes, unfortunately - I can't quite figure out how to upload my code snippets - duh :) Can anyone give me the procedure? I have a working implementation of a guitar amp tonestack based on the paper entitled "Discretization of the '59 Febder Bassman Tonestack," by David T. Yeh at CCMRA at Stanford U. and would like to share it.
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Comment by mahmudismailJanuary 11, 2013
Hi,i am very great full for contribution this great site . i have a question about random vibration ,how can i access .

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