DSP For Wireless Communications (Europe / Asia Times)

Important dates

  • Early Registration deadline: June 5, 2024
  • Late Registration allowed up to July 25, 2024
  • Course Kick-Off/Orientation: June 13, 2024, 12:00pm CET
  • First Live Workshop: June 20, 2024, 12:00pm CET
  • Live Workshops Weekly Through July 25, 2024 (12:00pm CET)

Benefits of Attending / Goals of Course

Attendees will build a stronger intuitive understanding of the fundamental signal processing concepts involved with digital filtering and mixed signal analog and digital design. With this, attendees will be able to implement more creative and efficient signal processing architectures in both the analog and digital domains. The knowledge gained from this course will have immediate practical value for any work in the signal processing field.

Target Audience

All engineers involved in or interested in signal processing applications. Engineers with significant experience with DSP will also appreciate this opportunity for an in-depth review of the fundamental DSP concepts from a different perspective than that given in a traditional introductory DSP course.

Course Format

This is a hands-on course providing pre-recorded lectures that students can watch on their own schedule and an unlimited number of times prior to live Q&A/Workshop sessions with the instructor. Ten videos each 60 to 90 minutes long released 2 per week while the course is in session will be available for up to two months after the conclusion of the course.

Topics / Schedule

  • Class 1: Correlation, Fourier Transform, Laplace Transform
  • Class 2: Sampling and A/D Conversion, Z-transform, D/A Conversion
  • Class 3: IIR and FIR Digital filters, Direct Fourier Transform
  • Class 4: Windowing, Digital Filter Design, Fixed Point vs Floating Point
  • Class 5: Fast Fourier Transform, Multi-rate Signal Processing, Multi-rate Filters

About The Instructor

Dan Boschen has a MS in Communications and Signal Processing from Northeastern University, with over 25 years of experience in system and hardware design for radio transceivers and modems. He has held various positions at Signal Technologies, MITRE, Airvana and Hittite Microwave designing and developing transceiver hardware from baseband to antenna for wireless communications systems and has taught courses on DSP for over 20 years. Dan is a contributor to dsprelated.com and Signal Processing Stack Exchange dsp.stackexchange.com/, and is currently at Microchip (formerly Microsemi and Symmetricom) leading design efforts for advanced frequency and time solutions. For more background information, please view Dan's Linked-In page at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/danbosche

How Much?

Early Bird Registration Fee (BEFORE June 5, 2024): $190

From June 5, 2024: $290

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More Information

A complete description of the course if available here.


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I have been using DSP for many years, so the theory on fundamental DSP concepts was mainly a refresher. The real value for me was introducing Python and Jupyter notebooks. I have been using Matlab for a long time but never made the jump to Python, until now. The course is very well organized with detailed notes and examples covering the DSP concepts, as well as installation instructions and code for Python and Jupyter notebooks. You will learn a lot about Python as well as DSP. Dan is an excellent instructor who answers questions patiently and competently. I went on to take his "Software Radio" and "Python for Digital Design and Signal Processing" courses as well.
Ken Houston, Massachusetts

Dan Boschen's Course "DSP for Wireless Communications" is an excellent class for both new engineers learning the material and for senior personnel getting a refresher course. The lecture material is clear and concise and the verbal presentation is excellent. Most engineers obtain a basic understanding of the Fourier and Laplace transforms in their undergraduate courses. However, the z-transform is key to digital processing. Dan does an excellent job introducing and explaining the power of the z-transform. I highly recommend this course both to junior and senior engineers working modern communication systems
Dr. Alan Palevsky - Raytheon Engineering Fellow (retired), Keysight ADS Certified Expert

I enjoyed taking Dan's "DSP for Wireless Communications" course on-line. Dan is clearly an expert with the material, and has planned, organized, and paced his presentation very well. He explained the tools as well as the theory, and had plenty of well-sized exercises to reinforce the material. I had a light-buld moment when he explained the implementation of FFT. Highly recommended!
Alan S, Massachusetts

I highly recommend Dan Boschen's "DSP for Wireless Communications" class. The material covers a range of useful topics, from refreshers on fundamentals to treatment of real-world signal processing techniques. Dan has a strong command of the subject matter and works with enthusiasm to share this knowledge with his students.
Eddie B, Colorado

I found this course very practical. Its use of Python is the cherry on the pie. It is directly applicable in day-to-day DSP work. Starting with core fundamentals, the course quickly ramps up to cover several advanced DSP concepts. Dan's ability to link all the concepts back to the fundamentals is truly remarkable, and helps understand the topics better.
Sudarshan N.

This course is advantageous for those who are experienced in the subject, as well as those who are new to it. Dan presents a lucid and intuitive account to the highly mathematical subject matter, which I have not experienced with any textbook. As well, his Python based Jupyter notebooks which accompany his material presents a distinct advantage to those wishing to learn how to use the material to a practical advantage!
Scott Siclari

I was enrolled in DSP for Wireless Communication course led by Dan. Huge amount of practical and theoretical knowledge was passed during the classes. Examples in the form of python codes given by the tutor were great hands-on experience and helped to understand the problems. Weekly workshops and direct contact with Dan gave an opportunity to clarify most of the problems during learning. Moreover, videos on-demand with long-term access provide you with convenient self-paced training and learning.
Marcin P, Poland

The DSP for Wireless Communication course managed to clarify a notoriously complex set of mathematical topics that I have struggled with for a long time. The course's interweaving of classical "white board" presentation of the mathematics with animated diagrams combined with examples of the physical wiring of components gave a much more practical and intuitive grasp how filters are applied to grab a specific carrier, and how information can be encoded in that carrier. Dan's lessons are clear, his examples flow efficiently and clearly, and he is persistent and dedicated to the cause of explaining the content to the listener. I strongly recommend this course to anyone dealing with wireless carriers.
Jester Putterman, CTO, OptimERA Engineering