Rahul Yadav (@r13yadav)

Hi, My name is Rahul Yadav. Currently, I am working at Nokia, Finland in RF system engineering where we do end to end simulation (Analog+ Digital + channel) of Radio mMIMO units with a special focus on modelling RF Transreciever and analog front end components. My core background is in RF and microwave engineering and a PhD in Applied Physics.

Re: IFFT of Non causal signal?

Reply posted 7 months ago (10/23/2023)
Dear Kaz,Apologies for the typo, yes, you are right. I have a complex-valued frequency domain data (from a transmission line operating at 0 to 20 GHz) and I am...

IFFT of Non causal signal?

New thread started 7 months ago
Hi,I have a frequency domain data (that is non-causal). How can I calculate the IFFT in MATLAB so that I can visualize the impulse response behavior of t<0.Thanks...

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