Kevin Sargent (@CustomSarge)

BS Sys Sci MichSt '76, filed DBA '78. Worked for others for street cred until '93. Did Zilog development on the side from '77 to '96 then got recruited to join another shop. They were already established in Freescale, so I had to change. Lucky choice as Freescale had evolved to flash internal ROM while Zilog stayed too long in OTP ROM. Been coding 9(s)08 ever since. I probably should have upgraded to the s12 family, but the projects have always been within 8 bit power, our very well known platform.

Re: Audio Signal Filter

Reply posted 3 years ago (08/11/2021)
Howdy, one toy I use is a spring loaded rubber tipped probe.Clamp it to the table, lift it up and getĀ it close to holdingĀ the chip in proper position. Nudge the...

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