Frequency Estimation

Started by "msw...@ucdavis.edu [matlab]" May 9, 2014
Hi Folks,
I don't know if this is the proper place to ask about DSP for Radar using Matlab, but I will give it a chance since there is no dedicated Radar Forum
I am using Matlab to perform distance measurements given by a FMCW Radar. My case is an object moving away or toward the radar (up to 20 meters).
I need to estimate the IF frequency to calculate my distance. Currently, I break down the signal into chunks of 1024 samples, multiplly each chunk by a hamming window, take the FFT of each chunk, and finally find the frequency associated with the highest peak (for each chunk). This gives me as many frequencies as there are signal chunks.
Is this a decent method? Is there a standard way IF frequency is estimated for FMCW Radar?
I looked through IEEE literature, but was surprised not to find exactly what I was looking for.
Can anyone point me to a research paper that can help me solve my problem?