Spectrogram from Complex Morlet wavelet ( recreating article result from data)

Started by oren...@hotmail.com October 31, 2013
I am trying to recreate the following results:


from the following data:


the time is in milliseconds (frequency is 40000 Hz)

The article state that they used Complex Morlet wavelet to create the spectrogram:
" Power estimates from the averaged LFPs were calculated from
time–frequency spectrograms of the data from 1–88 Hz by convolving the signals with a complex Morlet wavelet of the form

w(t,f0 ) = Aexp(−t^2 / 2*σ^2 )exp(2*i*π*f0*t)

for each frequency of interest f0, where σ = m/2πf0, and i is the imaginary unit. The normalization
factor was A = 1 /(σ (2π)^0.5 ), and the constant m defining the compromise between time and frequency resolution was 7.

I only managed to get some "good" results using spectrogram function in matlab.
But I dont have much idea of how to use the morlet complex wavelet.
I got bad result when trying to use cwt with 'morl' window

Thank You.


I'm trying to recreate this article:

Computational modeling of distinct neocortical oscillations driven by cell-type selective optogenetic drive: separable resonant circuits controlled by low-threshold spiking and fast-spiking interneurons.