Covolving a signal with channel impulse response ..

Started by rizwan akber March 31, 2009
Hi everyone ..
Well I m doing a project on UWB system analysis ..
As i dont know much about matlab .. I need some information ..
I have created a matrix which contains my transmitted signal ..
and also i have found the matrix of channel impulse response ..
now i want to convolve them .. i know there is a command in matlab conv(a,b)
but i dont know how to put this resulting vector after convolution into my vector ..
I explain to you with an example ..
t=0:0.01e-009:6e-009 .. that is length(t)`1
my waveform is of 1.3 ns duration .. that is length(t)1
now i find impulse response h,which has a length of for example 2000.
and the last multipath component arrives at 100 ns ..
now when i will do conv(h,x) .. i will have a matrix of length 2000+131-1!30.
if i use the same 0.01ns sampling in t .. the last value will be at 21.3ns
but in actual the last component arrives at 100ns ...
i m really confuse .. may be i m not clear in my dsp concepts ..
kindly anwer me if u know ..