ADC output and Reference Sinewave in TMS320LF2407A processor

Started by tamil24_p May 8, 2006
Hi all,
Hi all,

I am doing a project of DSP based on-line UPS(Inverter stage) using
TMS320LF2407 processor with C language. I have done this in open loop.
Now i am trying in closed loop. In this closed loop, the reference
sine wave and ADC output will be compared. I have generated the
reference sinewave in code composer studio using C program. I have
given 2.56V via transformer to ADC. I have seen the ADC output in DAC.
The DAC output is pure sine wave. If i compare these two wave forms
(reference sine wave and ADC output), I didnt get the proper sine wave
output. I think these two waveforms are not synchronized. Please
suggest me how to synchronize the ADC output (real time) and reference
sine wave (non real time)?

Thanks & Regards