Boot up sequence

Started by asha...@synteltelecom.com October 31, 2013
Dear all,

I am working on C5502 DSP. In all my previous projects, I have used C5409 and C5502 DSP. I have always used them in HPI Boot mode.

Now I want to use C5502 DSP as a Micro processor, i.e., I want to connect Flash with DSP. Code will be present in Flash. At power on, boot mode for DSP should be "No boot, execute from 16-bit external asynchronous memory (micro-processor mode)". At power on, C5502 DSP should read code from Flash, Copy that code in Internal DRAM and execution of code should be started.

How to do this in C5502 DSP, Please guide me.

Thank you,
Amit P Shah

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